Bodyguard / Secutity driver / close protection / Ladies protectrion / Investigation / Profiling / Moto pilot / Escort…


Our team consists of Personal Physical Protection Professionals, FEMALE and MALE Bodyguards, known and valued, in accordance with the French legislation, qualified holders of a Professional Card, issued by the Prefecture and then by the CNAPS under the authority of the Ministry of the Interior.
We have been trained by former elite unit members / GSPR, RAID, SDLP (SPHP), GIGN, SWAT, SAS, etc.

We are experienced in different techniques related to our profession of Bodyguard. (Investigation, Profiling, Reconnaissance, Precursor, surveillance counter-surveillance, Protection in hostile zone, exfiltration and risk analysis, defensive and offensive driving, Motorcycle Escort Driver, Moto follower.

We adapt to the grievances of a top-level clientele, by carrying out our missions with dedication and discretion, without forgetting the priority nature of their Protection and Safety.

Analysis and Consulting

Our Agency can meet the requirements of a top-level clientele.
Thanks to a network filled with many partners as well as Concierge Services, with which we collaborate closely.
Chauffeur, Head Chef, House Staff, Yacht, Private Jet, Booking, Accreditation, Luxury Car Rental, Real Estate Rental & Purchase…

Our Agency makes its network available to these prestigious customers, and puts you in contact with the various providers with the aim of satisfying your needs.



We are trained in FRANCE and abroad, graduated, qualified, Professional Card holders.
Our staff includes Female & Male bodyguards.
Our skills are related to our profession:
* First Aid
* Investigation
* Security Drivers are also Bodyguards experienced in offensive and defensive driving.
Our missions are carried out in observance of professional secrecy.
DUTY, DEDICATION, DISCRETION, PROTECTION of the physical integrity of our customers are our values.


Ladies Protection

Our Ladies protection service is specialised in the protection of women.                                                                                                                            These missions are carried out by female bodyguards, in order to adapt these specific missions to the close protection of a female clientele who wishes to be protected by female bodyguards.  

All our bodyguards are qualified and trained, these close protection officers undergo rigorous, permanent and continuous training to perfect the various techniques related to the sensitive mission events which our close protection experts face on a daily basis during their missions.

Whether you need Protection at your residency locations or aboard your Yacht, our close protection officers have the task of ensuring your protection and safety.

The security drivers of Ambassador security agency, will be able to ensure that your movements are closely protected in complete peace. These security drivers are drivers qualified as bodyguards, bodyguards trained in offensive and defensive security driving, protocol and embarkation/disembarkation procedures..


Our missions of close protection are analysed and prepared so that nothing is left to chance. Our bodyguards share values ​​of dedication, discretion, respect, and deontology…

Our bodyguards are subject to professional secrecy of close protection missions to which they are related.


Ambassador Security Agency is a Bodyguard Agency whose duty is to ensure your close protection worldwide.     

Ambassador Bodyguard Agency

All around the world

We have the DUTY to sensitize customers: on the different approvals, only the companies holding a license of PERSONAL PHYSICAL PROTECTION have skills, qualifications and insurances to bill and sell bodyguard services.

Do not hesitate to claim these documents from the providers.
You can check the licenses at  https://teleservices-cnaps.interieur.gouv.fr/teleservices/ihm/#/home


Security companies have a license on property and people and are uninsured, unqualified and cannot hire Personal Physical Protection officers, therefore, these security companies are forbidden to offer, bill and sell bodyguard services. (They are recognizable by their website which offers Services: Security Officer, Police Dog Officer, Bodyguard…)

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